Adminer database manager




$ gorilla plugin add adminer

To uninstall:

$ gorilla plugin remove adminer


How to use it

Adminer is a modern powerful light database manager developed in php. To use this plugin you only need to install it and access to the Adminer screen through your browser. GorillaJS creates an access for all your projects automatically.



When we are in the login web, we can access with the credentials we are using of the project database. Adminer is compatible with the most popular databases engines. If your project uses several containers you’ll be able to access them through the “Server” and “Database” selector of the form. If it only uses one, these valors will be preselected and you’ll only have to put the user name and the password.  

The NodeJS installer

The NodeJS template that comes as a default in GorillaJS uses the Express.js framework to start a server and return a response. This is optional, and once the application is running we can eliminate this server and use the application in any other way.


Why do you need to free the port 80? Can you make your own installers? Can you use GorillaJS in a remote server?