Share your project with others using Team




$ gorilla plugin add team

To uninstall:

$ gorilla plugin remove team


How to use it

Team is a plugin for GorillaJS that allows to save your project copy on the cloud in order that you could share it with others developers. To start to use it you need a project you want to share or have the ID of some project want to download.


To share a project

$ gorilla push

If you aren’t the project admin you’ll need writing permissions to send it to the cloud.

To download a project

The next command downloads a project with a “1234” ID in the “foo/bar/path” folder. If the project doesn’t exist, GorillaJS creates a folder and builds the project. If it exists it downloads all the cloud source and update files, databases and Docker images.

$ gorilla pull 1234 foo/bar/path

If the project already exist you can use pull from the project root path: without needing to put the ID or path.

$ gorilla pull 

If you aren’t the project admin you’ll need writing permissions to download it.


Assigning privileges (comming soon)

You can give open access to other developers in order they could read, write or admin your projects. Go to the project section of your user area of, select a project, search for a user you want to share your project and assign one of the roles.

Team is not a version control software like git or svn. So, don’t use it like that because you can lose part of your valued project. Use each tool to perform the role for whose it is created. 🙂

The NodeJS installer

The NodeJS template that comes as a default in GorillaJS uses the Express.js framework to start a server and return a response. This is optional, and once the application is running we can eliminate this server and use the application in any other way.


Why do you need to free the port 80? Can you make your own installers? Can you use GorillaJS in a remote server?