Use SSL in your project




$ gorilla plugin add ssl

To uninstall:

$ gorilla plugin remove ssl


How to use it


This plugin allows you to create automatically SSL certificated emitted by Let’s Encrypt. These certificates are free lasting three months. GorillaJS tests whenever you build the project if it’s necessary to refresh it and generate it again.

When this plugin is installed, if it’s the first time you build it or you use the parameter-f, it will show a selector from which you’ll be able to use SSL.

The Let’s Encrypt certificated only can emit for published domains. If you are starting the project in your local server you’ll have a self generated certificate by GorillaJS. It will serve you to simulate a secure connection in your project.

All the creation and management process of the certificate is automatic.

If you don’t want to use the secure connection in your project any more you’ll have to build it again passing the -f parameter.


gorilla build my-project -f

The NodeJS installer

The NodeJS template that comes as a default in GorillaJS uses the Express.js framework to start a server and return a response. This is optional, and once the application is running we can eliminate this server and use the application in any other way.


Why do you need to free the port 80? Can you make your own installers? Can you use GorillaJS in a remote server?