This installer allows you to generate WordPress’s projects easily without need to configure database, access permissions or install libraries again and again. In a few seconds WordPress will be ready to start to work. With the plugins for GorillaJS you’ll be able to manage and back up of database easily, share the project with others developers, install libraries and a lot more.

Compatible plugins

You can increase the usefulness of your WordPress projects with these plugins.


Adminer is a powerful database sysadmin with graphical interface. It’s compatible with the most of actual technologies. This plugin for GorillaJS creates an Adminer’s court in which of your projects in order that you could manage your database easily.


It saves the changes you had done in Docker’s container.

Composer & PEAR

With this plugin you’ll be able to install and manage the php dependences in your projects created with GorillaJS. You can install libraries and Composer, PEAR and PECL packages.

DB for PHP7

With this plugin you’ll be able to add a database in any of your projects created with the PHP7 installer.

DB Manager

With this plugin for GorillaJS you’ll be able to manage the basic tasks with your database in an easy and fast way. With just a command you’ll be able to export, import or replace data from the database which your project uses.

Extra packages

With this plugin for GorillaJS you’ll be able to install and manage easily Linux packages (apt, apk,…) in your projects. It’s compatible with the most popular manager: apt, apk, pacman y yum.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). With this plugin for GorillaJS you’ll be able to create and refresh certificates issues by Let’s Encrypt easily and turn on the insured navigation in your projects.


Team is a plugin for GorillaJS whose work is make a copy of all the files, databases and images that your project uses and it sends to the cloud so that you could share it with others team members. GorillaJS takes charge of everything. You only have to choose the project you want to share.


What is GorillaJS?

Here you can see the way in which GorillaJS can help you in your projects and how you can start to use it.



Here you can check all the documentation of this installer.