Composer & PEAR

With this plugin you’ll be able to install and manage the php dependences in your projects created with GorillaJS. You can install libraries and Composer, PEAR and PECL packages.

Para instalar este plugin necesitas tener una cuenta de GorillaJS.

3 sources

You can install libraries from three different sources: Composer, PECL y PEAR.

All native commands

This plugin only works as a way to make easier the package installation. It doesn’t restrict the usefulness number.


Extra packages plugin

If you need to install system packages (apt-get, apk add…) you can use the Extra packages plugin.

Easy to use

"gorilla composer require...",
"gorilla pear install..."
"gorilla pecl remove...".


What is GorillaJS?

Here you can see the way in which GorillaJS can help you in your projects and how you can start to use it.



Here you can check all the documentation of this installer.