Django manage

With this plugin you’ll be able to manage Django with in an easy way and install and manage Python3 packages, as well as saving automatically the changes in the container so as not to lose them the next time you start the project. And all of this without needing to access to Docker’s container.

Para instalar este plugin necesitas tener una cuenta de GorillaJS.


You can use all the local command of django admin and pip.3.

Unlimited projects

You can use it for all your projects.


Team plugin

It’s compatible with the Team plugin of GorillaJS.

Easy to use

"gorilla manage createsuperuser"
"gorilla pip freeze > requirements.text"


What is GorillaJS?

Here you can see the way in which GorillaJS can help you in your projects and how you can start to use it.



Here you can check all the documentation of this installer.